[PyKDE] PyQt on iPAQ

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Tue Jun 4 10:30:00 BST 2002

Joe Chott wrote:
> Hello everyone.
> I have PyQt running on my iPAQ.  I don't know python very well
> (just bought "core PYTHON programming" yesterday, and I think I
> am pretty up to speed on the commandline stuff).
> I do most of my programming on a daily basis in Tcl/TK.  I
> learned this language with Ousterhouts book and the main reason
> I picked it up as quick as I did was because of the INCREDIBLY
> easy way the book went along.  I could go through the pages
> until I saw a picture of the type of widget I wanted to learn
> how to deal with, and then the code that produced the widget was
> right there.
> I guess one of the most awesome things to me about tcl/tk was
> that a code example like:
> button .b -text "Exit Program" -command exit
> pack .b
> is a complete, self contained program, in two lines, which shows
> how a button works in tcl/tk.
> As clean as python is (and I do like how clean the code looks),
> it seems that you have more overhead to have a working PyQt app,
> and that is fine.
> What I would like is something like:
> 1. Here is a sample of source code.  In the following examples,
> you will insert the example code between the:
> # Begin example source
> and the
> # End example source
> Then the examples would be "self contained", but not overly
> long.  ie, all of them could be placed into the source code
> container, if that makes sense.
> Anyway, I have not been able to find any good sample code out
> there that does the BASIC stuff.  I would like a tour of some
> basic widgets, where the widgets don't do much of anything to
> keep the code simple, followed by some examples where the
> widgets are tied to something, followed by using the widgets
> together.
> I think with that basic bit of example, I could probably be up
> and writing my own useful apps in a few hours time.
> If anyone knows of such a stash of example code, PLEASE share it
> with me.  If such a stash does not exist currently, then I will
> just struggle my way through, probably ask the list for some
> critique's of my code, and I will produce a web page with the
> information so hopefully others won't have to struggle as I am
> now.

If you've only got hold of the PyQt .ipk then get hold of the source
tarball as well and look at the tutorials and examples. Then there's
Boudewijn's book of course.


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