[PyKDE] problem

François CORRIHONS pantxo at ifrance.com
Tue Jun 4 12:29:01 BST 2002

I' French, sorry for my English ;) 

I use Qt Designer and I have a problem: 
With the version 2.0, I can generate any Frame I want (mainwindow...),
but when I want to generate the python source code with pyuic, it gives
only the main program, with the calls, and it seems impossible to see
the classes which are called. 
With the version 1.1, I have the whole source code with the classes used
and the complete implementation, but I can generate only QWizard, QFrame
and not QMainWindow. 

I don't understand anyway. Could you help me please?? 

I'd like to have precisions on QMimeSource to, because I want to provide
online help for my application, and when I write (in python): 
self.QtextBrowser.setSource ("./index.html") 

It gives the error: no mimesource for ./index.html 
What does that mean please??? 
I have a lot of books dealing with QT, but it 's not very explicit.. 

Thanks a lot.

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