[PyKDE] Deleting items from Canvas

Moray Taylor mtaylor at lowebroadway.com
Wed Jun 5 14:47:01 BST 2002


I have a program that puts items onto a canvas, keeps a reference to it, and
deletes the reference when I want to remove the item from the canvas. What I
want to know is...

A) Is this all I need to do?
B) If not, what is the reccommended way of removing items from a canvas?

The reason I ask, is that I run PyQT on SGI, Intel, and PowerPC, the results
from the PowerPC version are very different to the Intel/SGI, I cannot get
the items to remove themselves from the canvas on PPC, the code I use is
*exactly* the same.

I need to know if it's the PowerPC with the problem or otherwise.



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