[PyKDE] ImportError: DLL load failed

Karl myonlyb at gmx.net
Wed Jun 5 23:35:00 BST 2002

I just installed newest Qt and PyQt on Windows ME and wanted to test it 
using a program that just says "import qt" or "import qtcanvas".
The error I get is:

   File "D:\PROGRAMME\PYTHON\lib\site-packages\qtcanvas.py", line 35, in ?
     import libsip
ImportError: DLL load failed: Ein der fnr die Ausfnhrung dieser Anwendung 
dige Bibliothekdateien kann nicht gefunden werden.

I searched the net and also found links to older mails with this problem.
The solution to move the libsip.dll to windows/system32 or to a location in 
my path does not work, I still get the same error.

What can I do?

  Tnx in advance

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