[PyKDE] QMessageBox and Qt3

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Fri Jun 7 10:18:00 BST 2002

Magnus Bjorklof wrote:

>> That is expected: in Qt 2.x, a modal dialog would silently call exec() 
>> on show(), in Qt 3.0, this does no longer happen (which is a
>> documented change).
>> Doing an mb.exec_loop() instead of mb.show() should fix it.
>> Regards,
>> Soeren
> Thanks, that works fine now with both Qt2 and Qt3. It's still strange 
> that my code worked for Phil but not for me...

Actually no. My full response should have been "Works for me when I add 
the missing exec_loop() which I assume has been accidentally left out."


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