[PyKDE] How do I delete a QCanvasItem?

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Tue Jun 11 00:54:01 BST 2002

Boudewijn Rempt wrote:

> On Monday 10 June 2002 21:29, Stephen Green wrote:
>>I've been trying to figure out how to delete a QCanvasItem from a QCanvas.
>>I tried using del, QCanvas.removeChild() and removing all references to it.
>>None of this works though.  I think removeChild() doesn't work because it
>>takes a QObject as input, but QCanvasItem does not inherit QObject.  Does
>>anybody know how to do this?
> I've just experimented a bit, and I found that canvas items just don't
> disappear. I think that's a bug. The only sure way of making items
> disappear currently is to hide() them, and that could lead to prodigious
> memory leaks.

Thanks for doing the experiments. I plan to implement a method in the 
SIP Python module that will provide direct access to the C++ dtor for 
the rare cases (of which this is probably the only one in PyQt) where 
the API being wrapped is lacking.

The reason that I haven't done it yet is that the SIP module will be 
renamed in the "near" future from "libsip" to "sip", so if I add methods 
now I will soon be breaking them.

Would you prefer to see libsip.sipCallDtor() in SIP v3.3 or can you wait 
for sip.sipCallDtor() in SIP v4.0?


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