[PyKDE] PyQt CVS and Build Changes

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Thu Jun 13 20:33:00 BST 2002

The public PyQt CVS repository is now no longer maintained. This has 
been replaced (as with SIP a few weeks ago) with snapshots automatically 
generated from a private CVS. Normally a patch against the current 
"official" release will also be automatically generated - but this has 
been suppressed for the moment because of major changes in the way the 
package is structured and built.

Starting with the current snapshot, the autoconf/automake/libtool based 
build process has been replaced with a Python script that drives 
tmake/qmake. The intent is that the build process will be the same on 
all platforms.

The other major change is that I've adopted Jim's idea of generating the 
C++ code as part of the configuration process. This means that there is 
only one tarball/zip file for all versions of Qt - and it is a lot smaller.

The new build process has only been tested with Python 2.2, Qt v3 under 
Linux. It will not (yet) work under Windows, or with Qt v2 (using 
tmake). It may also have problems with versions of Python earlier than 
2.0. On the other hand if you have a recent Python and Qt under Linux or 
(particularly) UNIX, I'd appreciate any feedback.


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