[PyKDE] FOLLOWUP: PyQt-3.1 undefined symbol: metaObject

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Thu Jun 13 21:56:00 BST 2002

Andreas Kloeckner wrote:

> Hi Phil & all,
> first - I must say that I greatly appreciate your work on PyQt, it's
> brought my project a big step forward.
> Then, in a message dated April 29, 2002, you [Phil] write that Debian
> does not include the styles in the Qt build. That is not true, they
> are included as plugins, and thus not available for direct linking.
> Just to let you know and maybe have PyQt detect th in future revisions.
> Thanks for the great work!

I still feel that it is a bug that qconfig.h implies that the classes 
are part of the main Qt library when they are not.


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