[PyKDE] How do I delete a QCanvasItem?

Stephen Green estebanverde at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 14 19:32:01 BST 2002

Ok, I think I found out what causes the problem in my code.  Here is a small 
part of my program that will crash.  As it is, if you create a point in the 
program, then delete the point, then try to create a new point, it usually 
gives a segmentation fault.  But if you comment lines 14 and 18, it works 
fine (but it still sometimes doesn't quit properly).  These lines add a 
second frame to the QCanvasSprite (they make it so that the color can be 

Does this crash for you guys too, or is it just me?  And should I not be 
creating other frames in this way?  I could probably make the points out of 
QCanvasEllipses instead, and change the brush, but I'd still like to figure 
out what's going wrong here.

I'm using Python 2.2, SIP 3.2.1, PyQt 3.2.1, and Qt 3.0.3, on Red Hat 7.3.

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