[PyKDE] Workspace -> don't see windows

Karl myonlyb at gmx.net
Thu Jun 20 17:52:00 BST 2002


I just encountered something really strange and I hope, you can help me:

I have a QMainWindow with a QWorkspace in it.
I want to add other QMainWindows to the workspace, so I create them using 
the workspace as parent. This works fine as long as I create them directly 
from the constructor of my mainwindow. When I want to create them later, in 
a function that is called by another class, the windows are added (they are 
in workspace.windowList()) but I just cannot see them!
I tried using show() and setFocus() and the windows seem to get the focus 
(another window I added directly in constructor loses focus), but I cannot 
see them.

Any ideas?


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