[PyKDE] Workspace -> don't see windows

Karl myonlyb at gmx.net
Thu Jun 20 18:20:00 BST 2002

At 18:04 20.06.2002, you wrote:
>From: "Karl" <myonlyb at gmx.net>
> > I have a QMainWindow with a QWorkspace in it.
> > I want to add other QMainWindows to the workspace, so I create them using
>You shouldn't be using QMainWindows as child windows of the workspace,
>they're meant to be top-level windows. According to the docs at
>http://doc.trolltech.com/3.0/qworkspace.html, child windows should be

But it works fine with QMainWindows as long as I do create them directly 
after initializing my main window.
The windows I did not see were QDialogs (some of them). I just tried using 
a QDialog, the same thing: when I create them in the constructor or in a 
method called by the constructor it works, when creating the window from 
outside using the workspace as parent, I cannot see them ...


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