[PyKDE] Q_PROPERTY declaration problem

Hans-Peter Jansen hpj at urpla.net
Fri Jun 21 20:33:00 BST 2002

On Fri, 21 Jun 2002 13:13:03 +0100
"Phil Thompson" <phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk> wrote:

> Hans-Peter Jansen wrote:
> > Again: It's my feeling, that this is related to the mysterious 
> > Q_PROPERTY( int statusid READ statusId WRITE setStatusId )
> > declaration in main.h of sql/overview/table4. How does PyQt deal
> > with this or how should I deal with it?
> This is a bit of a showstopper. In PyQt it is not possible to define new 
> properties, which is needed to support custom editor widgets written in 
> Python.
> I need to think about this - it isn't going to be fixed (assuming I can 
> fix it) for the next version of PyQt.

Well, looking into the moc generated source, it's seems nasty to
support an full featured python equivalent to Q_PROPERTY. But
it's possible to circumvent the impact by choosing a simpler mapping,
so it doesn't really qualify as the real showstopper, IMHO.

See my other mail, which reveals a different problem. oh well...

> Phil


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