[PyKDE] PyQt QClipboard bugs.

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Sat Jun 22 03:09:01 BST 2002

James Grant wrote:

> Hi,
> Firstly, this piece of code in qclipboard.sip needs to change from:
> 	void setData(QMimeSource *);
> to this:
> 	void setData(QMimeSource * /Transfer/);
> Otherwise you get messages like this all the time from Qt:
> 	QMimeSource::~QMimeSource: clipboard data deleted!
> Because you're deleting the clipboard when you shouldn't be.
> Secondly, when you call the data() method of QClipboard you get a QMimeSource 
> object returned. But the problem with this is that this class contains pure 
> virtual methods in C++, such as encodedData(QString):
> 	QByteArray QMimeSource::encodedData ( const char * ) const [pure virtual] 
> which means we end up with errors like this in python:
>     dataStr = str(data.encodedData("application/x-blah"))
> AttributeError: encodedData
> My guess is that the data() method of QClipboard should be returning an object 
> of the actual type, i.e. QStoredDrag.

Fixed in the latest snapshot.


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