[PyKDE] pyuic problem

Hans-Peter Jansen hpj at urpla.net
Sat Jun 22 14:35:01 BST 2002

Hi Eike,

On Sat, 22 Jun 2002 10:33:03 +0100
"Eike Kock" <eike.kock at movatis.com> wrote:

> Hi Hans-Peter,
> thanks for your answer. We're not just working with one single desktop but
> we plan to use PyQt for a commercial software that must run on Windows XP
> with native look&feel.
> We have a server written in Python (based on our open-source development
> "Crusader" which we will announce on sourceforge next week) serving the
> business logic through XMLRPC. Now we're evaluating what gui builder and

Sounds interesting. Let me now, when this happens.

> language to use for a windows client (Visual Studio .NET vs Delphi 6 vs.
> Qt/Python).
> If we get pyuic to work and can use fancy stuff like dockable/floating
> windows with PyQt (haven't checked that yet) we'll go for Qt/Python.

I'm doing PyQt for two weeks now, and for what I can say, Phil is very
supportive if you have some real trouble.

Have a look into the examples. If you cannot find something reasonable, 
try looking into qt one's. It's very easy to translate them most of the 
time, that's what I've done so far to learn this stuff.

I'm coming from wxPython UIwise, but lots of small divergences in 
behaviour when it comes to cross platform matters brought me here.

> Eike

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