[PyKDE] problems installing latest sip

Willi Richert mennosimons at gmx.net
Sat Jun 22 16:28:00 BST 2002

[I apologize if anybody gets this message twice.]


after spending some hours installing sip using the free borland compiler I
switched to VC++ and it compiles with many linker warnings.
Then it stops when trying to generate the C++ source for the qt module.
"sip: Unknown Makefile template: qt.pro"
I have no qt.pro at all. Only PyQt.pro.
To get it till here I also had to copy the sip directory containing the sip
files for qt in to the snapshot dir.
What I also do not understand: Why needs the sip-snapshot a sip.exe?

Thanks for all kind of help,

Vieles ist einfach, der Rest zweifach.

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