[PyKDE] QDockWindow and mysterious segmentation fault

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Fri Jun 28 08:58:00 BST 2002

Willi Richert wrote:

> Hi,
> in my main window there are 3 dockable floating windows at the left side by 
> default. When I move one off them to the top or bottom dock area I get:
> QPixmap: Invalid pixmap parameters
> QPainter::begin: Cannot paint null pixmap
> QPainter::setPen: Will be reset by begin()
> Segmentation fault
> When docking is disabled for top and bottom dock area,
> self.setDockEnabled(QDockWindow.DockTop, 0)
> self.setDockEnabled(QDockWindow.DockBottom, 0),
> I never get any error.
> Any hints where to look at?
> willi

See if a gdb backtrace gives you any useful information.


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