[PyKDE] New Debian packages for 3.3+rc2

Ricardo Javier Cardenes Medina rcardenes at debian.org
Sun Jun 30 22:01:00 BST 2002

Hi friends.

I've adapted Debian packages to the new Python-driven build system.
I've made a little change on package's name (I knew I was right not
uploading them to Debian yet). In fact, I've compiled the last snapshot
(Saturday, 29th), but I was too lazy to change the version :-) 3.3 final
will be the first 3.* version reaching the official repository. In the
future, I'll only upload stable (not snapshots, not RC versions). Anyway,
I'll still will be compiling snapshots at least once or twice a week, and
putting them on my personal (at my home) repository to help you doing
playtesting for Phil.

Those using PyQt with Qt v2 now have two flavors to choose from:


I need the -qt2 one for PyKDE2, as KDE2 comes compiled for the
non-threaded version of Qt, and as Jim states on the README, PyKDE needs
sip/PyQt linked to a matching Qt library. So, if you want to upgrade, and
you want to create -mt enabled apps, DON'T do it with "apt-get update;
apt-get upgrade", as usual, but "apt-get update; apt-get install
python2.X-qt2-mt". Then, you can upgrade the rest of your packages if
you want.

Qt3 packages haven't changed. I've been thinking a while on splitting
them, because PyQt is now (well, from 3.0) highly modularized. I want to
make a python2.X-qt3-sql package, because Debian has separate packages for
the SQL modules, and libqtsqlcmodule.so* is itself a huge one (520KB).
Please, tell me if you don't want me to do this. Maybe I should split the
other modules on their own packages too; only libqtnetworkcmodule is
smaller than 100KB, and not everyone need to have libqt* installed.
Pros, contras?


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