[PyKDE] Possible gcc 2.96 problems

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Fri Mar 8 23:06:06 GMT 2002

I've had some correspondence with a user who's having problems
compiling PyKDE2-3.0-2.2.2alpha6 with gcc 2.96. Embarassingly, it's
catching a couple of C++ errors that I missed with gcc 2.95. Those
errors should be fixed in the next release, and if it doesn't delay
the release too much, I'll run it through gcc 2.96 before releasing

gcc 2.95 should compile everything without problems (famous last
words). The only reason I could see for this particular user's
problems (other than the fact they really *are* bugs) is the
difference in compiler versions. The main problem is a protected
nested class which is being treated as public, and it's unlikely to
cause any problems if your version of PyKDE2 compiles.


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