[PyKDE] SUCCESS!!! (was: PyQt/Embedded on iPAQ)

Michael Lauer mickey at tm.informatik.uni-frankfurt.de
Tue Mar 12 19:27:29 GMT 2002

Hi - just a small success note:

Last week I wrote about a binary (symbol not found) problem using zaurus PyQt and Python ipkgs with the qpe/opie build:

> Yo, welcome to the dynamic library hell... I guess libqte.so is trying
> to lookup this symbol from a PNG library... but wait: libqte is supposed
> to have the PNG included, isn't it? It seems the binary of the qte library
> in the ipaq familiar linux is not out of the box compatible with the qte
> library you used when compiling qte - which is a major problem for me now...

The new OPIE build from Biplolar contains a new version of qt-embedded
(using the built in libpng), which is compatible with Phil Thompsons PyQt ipkg's. I hope the binary compatiblity stays for a few releases :)

We can now program Qtopia applications in Python - yahoo!

Thanks to all who were involved (especially Phil Thompson, Bipolar and all the Trolltech and Python guys).



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