[PyKDE] No custom versions for KDE2.2.0/KDE2.2.1 - fix

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Thu Mar 21 02:04:58 GMT 2002

There seems to be a large number of people downloading the
'generic' tarball. It can be more problematic getting this version
working because of the need for specific versions of automake,
autoconf and libtool.

Had I been thinking, I would have realized it is possible to
download the customized KDE2.2.2 version and rebuild it for
KDE2.2.0 or 2.2.1. I have a small script hacked up to do this - if
anyone is having problems building the 'generic' version for KDE
2.2.0 or KDE 2.2.1, email me off list and I'll mail you the script
and instructions. The whole procedure only takes 5 to 15 minutes
depending on the speed of your computer.

I'll probably reorganize the build procedure on the next release to
make this easier to do.


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