[PyKDE] gcc 2.96 again

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Thu Mar 21 02:05:03 GMT 2002

There appears to be at least one remaining problem with gcc 2.96 in
PyKDE2. The kdecorecmodule.cpp compile will fail with the
following message:

  kdecorecmodule.cpp:2407: cannot convert `const void *(*) ()' to
  `const void *' in initialization
You can delete the following around 2407 in kdecoremodule.cpp:

static sipClassInstanceDef classInstances[] = 
    {sipName_kdecore_kapp, sipAccess_kapp, sipClass_KApplication,

if (sipAddClassInstances(sipModule.md_dict,classInstances) < 0)
                return NULL;

or you can try changing the struct declaration by adding a cast to

static sipClassInstanceDef classInstances[] = {
    {sipName_kdecore_kapp, (const void*)sipAccess_kapp,
     sipClass_KApplication, SIP_SIMPLE | SIP_ACCFUNC},

I don't believe sipClass_KApplication needs a cast, but I'm not

I've had someone try the first and it seems to work. The downside
is that you lose access to the kapp global instance, but this
usually isn't a problem. I think the second will work, but I don't
have gcc2.96 to test it on. If someone would test it and report
back I would appreciate it. If it works, I can generate a fix for
it in the code before distribution.

Anybody else have any other gcc 2.96 problems?

The beta1 release fixed the only other gcc 2.96 related problems
I'm aware of.


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