[PyKDE] Re: sip, private structs, gcc-2.96, PyKDE2 beta

Bill Soudan wes0472 at rit.edu
Tue Mar 26 23:12:46 GMT 2002

On Tue, 26 Mar 2002, Jim Bublitz wrote:

> Nope, it's programmer error. Same thing on the second message. I
> generate the sip files somewhat automatically, and when I got the
> generator to do nested classes again, I didn't get the checks for
> access specifiers right (enums had the same problem, but I believe
> those are all fixed). gcc 2.95 doesn't mind the error though, but
> in this case gcc 2.96 is correct.

Ah, I see, so you used a modified version of sip to generate the bindings 
for PyKDE2?  sip doesn't handle nested classes by default?

> If you're using gcc 2.96 and can handle email attachments of around
> 100K (just a guess - hopefully less), send me an email and I'll mail
> out the fix with instructions when it's ready if that route works.

That's fine, though I can just download the new release, too, yay cable 
modems :)  I can handle big attachments, so if you'd like to send a patch 
to me directly to test, that's fine too.

> This should only affect people compiling with gcc >= 2.96 (which is
> RH7.2 and Mandrake 8.2 I believe).

Well, I would expect the better commercial compilers to complain, too?


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