[PyKDE] Re: sip, private structs, gcc-2.96, PyKDE2

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Wed Mar 27 16:40:05 GMT 2002

On 27-Mar-02 Bill Soudan <wes0472 at rit.edu> wrote:

> Ah, I see, so you used a modified version of sip to generate the
> bindings for PyKDE2?  sip doesn't handle nested classes by
> default?

No  - I use a hack to read *.h files and turn them into *.sip files.
Sip does nested classes correctly. The error is *before* sip gets
to look at the input files.  If you look at a *.sip file, it's
basically a *.h file with variable names removed, most private stuff
removed, docs added, and a few other things depending on the file.
In addition, it has a lot of conditional stuff to handle version
differences. For the original PyKDE2 I did most of this by hand, but
now it gets done automatically (including version changes) and
touched up by hand - accomplished via the joy of Python (and PyKDE2)
and the simplicity of sip.

I did use a hack of sip to do global functions in namespaces, but
that should be gone in version 3.1 of sip. The hack is in the
'generic' distribution.
>> If you're using gcc 2.96 and can handle email attachments of
>> around 100K (just a guess - hopefully less), send me an email
>> and I'll mail out the fix with instructions when it's ready if
>> that route works.
> That's fine, though I can just download the new release, too, yay
> cable modems :)  I can handle big attachments, so if you'd like
> to send a patch to me directly to test, that's fine too.

I have satellite, so I can download as fast as a cable modem and
upload about as fast as I can type wearing mittens.

>> This should only affect people compiling with gcc >= 2.96 (which
>> is RH7.2 and Mandrake 8.2 I believe).
> Well, I would expect the better commercial compilers to complain,
> too?

What ?? There are compilers other than gcc ?? Good point.


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