[PyKDE] PB to compile PyKDE-3.3.2

Gerard Breiner gerard.breiner at ias.u-psud.fr
Wed Feb 12 11:27:15 GMT 2003


Indeed, it is about kde 2.2.1.
I replaced in sip/kstddirs.sip kde 2.2.1 by kde 2.2.2 and run again build.py
and "make" and  "make install".
No more problems.
test  in interpreter python :
from kdecore import kapp   (ImportError: cannot import name kapp)
from kdecore import DndURL (ImportError: cannot import name DndURL)
from kdeui import KTreeList  (ImportError: cannot import name KTreeList )
from kdeui import KTreeListItem  (ImportError: cannot import name KTreeList
Item )
from kdeui import KTabListBox (ImportError: cannot import name  KTabListBox)
from kdeui import  KMsgBox (ImportError: cannot import name   KMsgBox)

an idea please ?

best regards


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> On 11-Feb-03 Gerard Breiner wrote:
> > First of all, thank indeed for your help.
> Thanks for your patience and effort.
> >> First, what version of KDE are you running? It should be a 2.x.x
> > it is exact
> It would help to know the specific version you're running -
> it looks like KDE 2.2.1 from the error below. You can find the
> version by looking in kapp.h (the value for KDE_VERSION) and should
> double-check by choosing Help | About KDE in any KDE app and
> checking that the version there matches the version in kapp.h.
> <snip>
> It appears Qt and PyKDE are now in sync, and you shouldn't have to
> rebuild PyQt again.
> > *sipDo_KStandardDirs_calcResourceHash (PyObject *, PyObject *)':
> > sipkdecoreKStandardDirs.cpp:79: no matching function for call to
> > `KStandardDirs::calcResourceHash (char *&, QString &, bool)'
> In the kstddirs.sip file:
> %If ( KDE_2_2_1 - )
>     Q_UINT32 calcResourceHash (const char*, const QString&, bool)
>                                const;
> %End
> The first line should be:
> %If ( KDE_2_2_2 - )
> as this method doesn't appear until KDE 2.2.2. It looks like you
> have KDE 2.2.1 and are catching this error. Hopefully there aren't
> any more errors like this. If you find more "no matching function"
> errors, you check the corresponding KDE h file for the function and
> if it's not there, use the same fix as above.
> You can edit the sip file with any text editor, and then re-run
> build.py. Alternatively, you can comment out ("//") the three lines
> above from %If ... to %End.
> If this isn't the problem, then you might be having some problems
> with build.py finding the correct KDE version, and we can
> troubleshoot that instead.
> The build test for this version of PyKDE was against KDE 2.2.2, so
> the error above slipped by.
> Sorry for all the difficulties you've had. I hope this is the last
> one, but if not I'll be happy to keep helping.
> Jim
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