[PyKDE] dialog/mainwindow question

Garrett G. Hodgson garry at kestrel.sage.att.com
Fri Feb 14 17:13:00 GMT 2003

> A QDialog typically is used for a dialog window -- that is,
> a popup with a number of fields that are carefully arranged.
> That careful arrangement is your job; 
> A QMainWindow is the main window of your aplication: where 
> you find the text in an editor, the cells in a spreadsheet
> or the piccy in a CAD app.

this is more or less as i figured.  i still, however, have been unable
to make the Dialog case behave, either by incorporating a QVBox to
lay its children out or by explicitly using a layout manager.

now, in this case, the application in question is a mail client, and
the dialog is for replying to a message.  so it's a little fuzzy, since
it's doing more than just clicking a few settings on or off.

> (In case not: http://www.opendocs.org/pyqt -- if you find it useful,
> please buy a paper copy. The publisher has put it under an open content
> license, meaning that everything is available on the website, except,
> because of a technical snafu, the screenshots, but so far sales haven't
> paid for the bandwidth of the website.)

my paper copy arrived yesterday.  i make extensive use of online books,
and always buy one to help support the effort.

thanks for making it available.

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