[PyKDE] auto completion with qtext

Kapil Thangavelu kvtham at wm.edu
Sun Feb 23 00:00:00 GMT 2003


i wanted to try and add auto-completion to a qtext app. i'm a little unsure 
how to proceed.. does anyone have a simple example of the api to use.

looking in the docs for qscintilla the only reference to completion is.

void QextScintillaBase::SCN_CHARADDED 

This signal is emitted whenever the user enters an ordinary character into the 
text. charadded is the character. It can be used to decide to display a call 
tip or an auto-completion list.


which is a much, lower interface than what scintilla exposes from looking over 
its docs.. is autocompletion possible at this point with qtscintilla? if so 
any pointers would be appreciated.



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