[PyKDE] unexpected extended selection behavior in QListView

Torsten Marek shlomme at gmx.net
Tue Aug 10 00:09:01 BST 2004

Matthew Scott schrieb:
| Hello all,
| The following code exhibits unexpected behavior using PyQt 3.12 and QT
| 3.3.2 on Debian unstable.  It also exhibits the behavior when using PyQt
| 3.11 and QT 3.3.1 as provided by the BlackAdder demo for Win32.
| After running the code, the second and third items will be selected, and
| the current item is set to the second.
| When you hold down Shift and click the fourth item, -all- of the items
| are selected, as if the 1st item was actually the current item (which it
| isn't in this case).
| Does anyone know of a workaround to use along with setCurrentItem() in
| order to make extended selection work as expected?  (Where only items 2,
| 3, and 4 would be selected according to the example above)

Behaves the same with me and I do not know a workaround OOTB (I have
more or less the same stuff installed as you, although I recompiled PyQt
against Qt 3.3.2). I think this might be a bug in Qt itself (I cannot
imagine how PyQt might interfere there, but then again I am not a
connaisseur of its secrets and internals), although I would not say that
aloud until I saw a C++ program show the same behaviour.



BTW: good stuff in your weblog, keep up the great work! I hope I can 
have a closer look at your autoconnector code in the next weeks. I'll 
definitely put a link to it into the PyQt wiki, if you don't mind

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