[PyKDE] PyQt 3.12 introduces race condition/deadlock with QApplication.postEvent.

Russell Valentine russ at coldstonelabs.org
Tue Aug 10 10:24:00 BST 2004

> This is just a hack to get around a problem with postEvent with
> QCustomEvent in PyQt 3.12 and is only posted for those interested in a
> very temporary hack.
> I'm would also be interested to know if anyone else has the same
> problem with PyQt 3.12 as explained in my original post, or if this is
> a debian specific problem.

I don't know if this will be of any help, but I have a multi-threaded 
application that gets information from the Internet and updates 
periodically. It uses PyKDE and PyQt. I've notice that it hangs what 
seems randomly. I put in many debug print statements to see where it is 
hanging and it isn't predictable. I don't use postEvent and I don't know 
  enough to know if some of the KDE calls I use is using these events. 
It could just be me, I want to get to the bottom of this. So I'll be 
digging deeper in the next few days to see if I could find something. I 
don't remember it doing this with previous versions either.

I'll post here if I find something out. I'm not using the Debian builds, 
I'm running Gentoo.

Russell Valentine
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