[PyKDE] kouvert

Lionel Roubeyrie lionel.roubeyrie at chello.fr
Tue Aug 10 18:00:20 BST 2004

Le mardi 10 Août 2004 18:32, Paul Evans a écrit :
> On Tuesday 10 August 2004 07:49, Lionel Roubeyrie wrote:
> > Any suggestions welcome.
> > Kouvert : http://members.chello.fr/lionel.roubeyrie/
> > Lionel
> My system crash, I want to kill you.
> :-) Just kidding -- I liked that part of your webpage.
The knights of the Ni helpt me :-P

> Very nice. Even kept my comments which I wondered about.
> A diff against the backup though showed that it nuked one commented entry.
> It was the only one that was followed by another line that was commented
> out. Maybe something to look at.
It's planed, but the user should comment his desactivated entries by another 
word than a simple '#', maybe '##'. 
> I like how you layed it out too. Plus thanks for jcombo.

Lionel Roubeyrie
lionel.roubeyrie at chello.fr

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