[PyKDE] Quick newbie question: QGridLayout - setColumnSpacingt

Eron Lloyd elloyd at lancaster.lib.pa.us
Tue Aug 17 12:59:19 BST 2004

Ahh, you figured it out. Good job. One thing to note, however, it that you 
were looking at the Qt 4 docs, not the 3.x ones. I see for Qt 4 it *is* 
setColumnSpacing(), but that would still give you an error, as that's not the 
library version you're calling. You can always check your version by using 
qt.qVersion()... Some interesting things have changed in Qt 4; can't wait to 
try it out some day.



On Monday 16 August 2004 10:14 pm, Alfred Young wrote:
>  Hi Eron,
>  I'm sure I've got the right member call based on the Qt documents:
>  http://doc.trolltech.com/4.0/classes.html
>  (I'm aware that not everything is a direct bind and I even tried different
> letter casing for the call just incase)...
>  setColSpacing() also produced the same error for me.  Since I only wanted
> to set the spacing for a particular column, setSpacing would not be
> applicable.  My work around involved using QSpacerItem and an addItem to
> the QGridLayout to help set an absolute column width--whew!
>  Thanks Eron!
>  - Alfred
>  Eron Lloyd wrote:
> Hmm, check you're syntax. Try setColSpacing() instead and see what you get.
> Be aware that this method is kind of mis-named; it sets the minimum size
> for a column, not the space between. For that, use setSpacing() instead.
> When you get AttributeError problems like that, check the Qt docs and see
> if you're calling the correct member.
> Take care,
> Eron
> On Monday 16 August 2004 9:18 pm, Alfred Young wrote:
> setColumnSpacing
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