[PyKDE] Re: PyKDE 3.11.2 sip syntax error

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Sun Aug 22 00:58:02 BST 2004

On Saturday 21 August 2004 15:10, Dan Freed wrote:
> There appears to be a syntax error in one of the khtml sip files in the
> current release.  Here is the output I get from the configure.py script:
> dfreed at wintermute:~/downloads/PyKDE-3.11.2> python ./configure.py
>      PyKDE version 3.11.2
>            -------
> sip version is 3.10.2 (3.10.2)
> KDE version is 3.3.0 (0x30300)
> Generating the C++ source for the khtml module...
> sip: sip/khtml/khtml_part.sip:135: syntax error
> Error: Unable to create the C++ code.

In sip/khtml/khtml_part.sip.330  (note the ** .330 **) change the 
initialization for the enumerators to:

    enum FindOptions
        FindLinksOnly = 65536,
        FindNoPopups = 131072

Apparently sip 3.10.2 doesn't like the computation.  It works with sip4, which 
is the only way I tested it with KDE 3.3.0.

configure.py will handle creating the correct khtml_part.sip (which is why 
editing it made no difference - it got overwritten when you ran 
configure.py). There is a problem with khtml requiring kutils in KDE >=3.3.0 
but not in KDE < 3.3.0  that requires the hack to configure.py.

To summarize, you only need to apply this fix IF:

1. You're building against KDE 3.3.0


2.  You're using sip 3.10.2

I'll send a patched tarball to Phil for posting in a few days after seeing if 
any other bugs turn up. Probably won't change the version number unless some 
major fix is needed.


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