[PyKDE] PyQt - QApplication with the GUIenabled flag question

Brad Ralph brad at ralph.id.au
Wed Dec 1 08:31:07 GMT 2004


I am looking for some advice re a program that I am working on.

I am attempting to write a small network server app to do some very simple 
data replication between two postgresql databases using Twisted and Qt.  The 
reason that I am using Qt is that I have some classes from a companion 
application using QTimer's and QSqlQuery's that I would like to re-use. The 
plan was to have the program running on a network server that does not have 
an X server running but ...

The snag: When my program starts it tries to connect to a running X server, 
then crashes when it can't. A short trip to google pointed me to a GUIenabled 
flag as one of the options for the QApplication constructor.  This is 
supposed to enable console application development.  Unfortunately, the PyQt 
docs say that the QApplication constructor with the GUIenabled flag is not 

My Questions: I have looked on the web but can't find any information to say 
that this is a bad idea. Therefore, given that PyQt seems to support pretty 
much every part of Qt, is using Qt this way a really bad thing to do?  If 
not, then is this just something that has not been implemented because nobody 
has asked or is it really hard to implement (and won't happen any time soon)? 
Should I look at re-writing the classes using the standard python DB-API 

Thanks in advance for any guidance,


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