[PyKDE] ANN: new eric3 snapshot

Kevin Walzer sw at wordtech-software.com
Mon Dec 6 19:12:23 GMT 2004

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Hi Detlev,

Runnig the new snapshot on Mac OS X I get the following:

~ File "/Users/kevin/Desktop/eric-snapshot-20041205/eric/eric3.py", line
123, in ?
~    main()
~  File "/Users/kevin/Desktop/eric-snapshot-20041205/eric/eric3.py", line
106, in main
~    from UI.UserInterface import UserInterface
~  File
line 27, in ?
~    from EmailDialog import EmailDialog
~  File
line 34, in ?
~    from Refactoring.Refactoring import Refactoring, BRM_VERSION_STR
~  File
line 17, in ?
~    import ThirdParty.brm.bike as bike
~  File
line 10, in ?
~    from bikefacade import init, NotAPythonModuleOrPackageException,
CouldntLocateASTNodeFromCoordinatesException, UndoStackEmptyException
~  File
line 5, in ?
~    from bike.parsing.pathutils import getRootDirectory
ImportError: No module named bike.parsing.pathutils

I'm working with the current version of sip/pyqt/qscintilla, but not the
latest snapshot. Perhaps that's the problem?

I wish I could get Eric 3.5x working on the Mac. I've tried rebuilding
everything and still get a lot of crashes when saving files (though
nothing like above). Others have reported successfully using Erci 3.5,
but I can't seem to get it working. :-(

Any other Mac users on the list have any insights?


Detlev Offenbach wrote:

| Hi,
| this is to let you know about a new snapshot release. This one includes a
| surprise for all people who use the right operating system. Go get it and
| see, if you find the surprise.
| As usual it is available via
http://www.die-offenbachs.de/detlev/eric3.html in
| the snapshots section.
| Regards,
| Detlev

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