[PyKDE] Using KParts

Patrick Stinson listuser at www.patrickkidd.com
Fri Dec 10 07:26:49 GMT 2004

I am writing a small application to organize 3D-animated povray widgets into python packages for PyQT. (check out the results: http://pksampler.sf.net/)
 want to embed a kwrite editor window into the app in order to use its terrific povray syntax support, but I'm getting a segfault on 

kparts.createReadWritePart('kwritepart') # can't remember the exact syntax

It seems to fail with any value for the library field. Also, after hacking through the sip and kdelibs source I found that KLibLoader.library(libname) segfaults no matter what I pass as libname.

Other potential bugs (these may have been reported): KApplications sometimes crash when eric3 is debugging them, and 'KUinqueApplication()' always crashes, no matter what is passed.

I am using the latest PyQt and PyKDE as of this date, and qt-3.3.3.

Thanks a lot!


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