[PyKDE] pyKDE / KPIM libraries

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Tue Dec 14 17:41:18 GMT 2004

On Tuesday 14 December 2004 06:39, Richard Taylor wrote:

> Are there any python wrappers for the KPIM libaries? I would like to be
>  able to access the Address Book and KMail libraries from a pyKDE
>  application.

> My apologies if the answer to this should be staring me in the face. I
>  have been looking around but I can't find any reference to using Python
>  to call these libraries.

At one time someone was going to contribute KABC bindings, but those have 
never been completed as far as I know. I haven't looked at them in a while - 
there was some handwritten code required, but that may now be minimal with 
recent sip changes.

I haven't looked at all at KMail - do you know which KDE source package that 
lib is bundled with (would save me some digging)? If there are KPIM libs that 
handle the address book stuff at a higher level than KABC (which is part of 
kdelibs), it would help to know that too.

It probably isn't a lot of work to generate the bindings, although I'm not 
doing very well keeping up with PyKDE as is. The other consideration is 
whether PyKDE should get larger or additional bindings should be a separate 
project/package. I'll have to give it some thought.


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