[PyKDE] kdebindings compilation problem

Zoltan Bartko bartko.zoltan at internetkosice.sk
Wed Dec 22 09:28:38 GMT 2004

Hello folks,

I am trying to compile kdebindings from cvs on Mandrake 10.1 official (gcc 
3.4.1), but when compiling pykde it says when compiling 
moc_sipkdeprintpart0.cpp that in kprinter.h at line 87 there is an invalid 
function declaration. Now that line is the declaration of the KPrinter class. 
After this everything fails. I have tried a few things but it seems I am not 
that good at solving C++ problems as I thought, so I would appreciate your 

Further on I had to change opt_split both in pyqt's and pykde's configure.py 
to 10 instead of 1, my notebook just went on swapping for half an hour 
without any noticeable result.

Thanks for your advice


PS: please use CC, I am not on the list

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