[PyKDE] How to install QScintilla 1.4

Parzival Herzog parzp at shaw.ca
Sat Dec 25 21:24:00 GMT 2004

On December 24, 2004 18:59, Phil Thompson wrote:
> configure.py is reading qextscintillaglobal.h to get the QScintilla version
> number. Your library setup looks Ok.

Thanks, that identifies the problem: the QScintilla makefile installs the 
libriaries, but it does not install the header files as I had assumed. I see 
now that I have to copy these "by hand".

Pehaps some future PyQt install script could identify such a mismatch between 
the installed library and the header files, or some future QScintilla 
makefile would offer to install header files and library together, for 

Merry Christmas to all!  May you be well and happy, and spread this about 

Parzival Herzog

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