[PyKDE] Problem with QPixmap and depth on Windows

Lars Kirkhus kirkhus at scicraft.org
Wed Dec 29 15:37:34 GMT 2004

Hello, I'm having a problem with QPixmap that I'm hoping someone can
help me with. When I try to create a pixmap with depth greater than 1, I
get an error message:

>>> from qt import QPixmap, QApplication
>>> app = QApplication([])
>>> pm = QPixmap(512,512,24)
QPixmap: Invalid pixmap parameters

This code works just fine on Debian and it also seems to work in C++.
Does anyone know a solution to this problem?

This was tested with Windows XP, Python 2.3.4, PyQt 3.13, sip 4.1.1 and
Qt 3.3.3.


Lars Kirkhus

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