[PyKDE] Re: PyKDE digest, Vol 1 #1522 - 5 msgs

Tony Cappellini tony at tcapp.com
Tue Jun 1 19:58:00 BST 2004

>Am So, den 30.05.2004 um 10:03 Uhr +0200 schrieb Thorsten Kampe:
> > I'm trying to wrap my head around my first GUI program with PyQt, but
> > I still have big problems with the GUI "event driven" paradigm and the
> > OOP terminlogy.
><shameless self-promotion>

You can also download Black Adder at TheKompany.Com, which is an ide for PyQT.
However, they have many tutorial projects for PyQT, that start off very 
simple, and gradually get more complex.
Riverbank.com has some good documentation as well.

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