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Roberto Alsina ralsina at kde.org
Thu Jun 3 19:23:04 BST 2004

A new realtime pseudo-tutorial.

For those who have not seen the first one, here's the main idea:

* I decide I want to write something
* I write it (somewhat) quickly.
* I write a description of what I am doing, as I am doing it, and slap
some timestamps.

In this particular instance, on a discussion at the dot I had to open my
mouth about how writing a spatial file manager is easy.

Well, here's a piece of one. In particular, it's a sort of simple spatial
file browser since it doesn't manage files at all, but it's a start ;-)


In particular, if you read it, you get hints about how to handle
exceptions gaphically, how to use the shelve module for preferences, a bit
about QActions and some other stuff.

Hope you like it, and if someone wants to write the rest of the app, just
let me know ;-)

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