[PyKDE] Eric3

Douglas dsa at unilestemg.br
Tue Jun 22 21:12:01 BST 2004

Hi !

This is a feedback for the new eric release... 

The new logo is GREAT !!

And the bug that i have reported - input() - got resolved in this release.

This is to say that im looking forward to help. 
In this case, how i can help the project ?

I can translate docs and i can do some python code too. Note: Im a python 
novice who discovered eric3 the is wanting so much to help in any way.

Im waiting instructions !

See you all and keep the wonderful work.

See Ya !

Douglas Soares de Andrade
Gerência de Sistemas - UnilesteMG
Telefone: +55 31 38467936
dsa em unilestemg ponto br
O que importa não é como você vive
sua vida, mas sim o que você faz 
para tornar a vida dos outros melhor. 
What matter is not how you live
your life, but what you do to 
make the others life better.

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