[PyKDE] X11 PyQt on Mac OS X?

Dan Sommers dan at tombstonezero.net
Thu Jun 24 17:28:00 BST 2004


I would like to run the X11 version of PyQt atop fink's Python
2.3.3 and Qt 3.2.3 atop Mac OS X 10.2.8 (Jaguar).

The current PyQt, though, insists on building an Aqua version,
because build.py in both the X11 and Mac tarballs checks for
darwin/osx before checking for X11:

    # Work out the platform and Qt version tags to pass to SIP to generate the
    # code we need.
    if config.qt_lib == "qte":
        plattag = "WS_QWS"
    elif sys.platform == "win32":
        plattag = "WS_WIN"
    elif sys.platform == "darwin":
        plattag = "WS_MACX"
        plattag = "WS_X11"

If I remove the check for darwin, can I build an X11 version of
PyQt to go with my existing (fink-installed) Python and Qt?  Is
there a better way?  Does the X11 version "know enough" about Mac
OS X (e.g., shared library structure, etc.) to build correctly?
If my notes are accurate, it takes about 8 hours to build Qt3,
sip, and PyQt on my 500MHz PowerMac G4, so I thought I'd ask

Thank you for your attention and insight.

Dan Sommers

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