[PyKDE] eric3 and x86_64

Rick L Vinyard Jr rvinyard at cs.nmsu.edu
Sun Jun 27 23:41:01 BST 2004

On Sunday 27 June 2004 03:17 pm, Rick L Vinyard Jr wrote:
> Once again, I'm not sure where to proceed from here, but I'll try the
> following:
> 	(1) Back out sip ebuild changes and rebuild with qt-mt
> 	(2) Rebuild PyQt
> 	(3) Try Phil's ed.py again

Curiouser and couriouser. I really haven't a clue now, but it all works. I 
emerged sip (4.0), qscintilla (1.6.0) and PyQt (3.12) for the 
I-don't-know-what time (maybe sixth time) and eric is now working without 

I haven't changed _anything_ on the machine except sip, qscintilla and PyQt 
since the last time these were emerged and resulted in segfaults. I'm not 
sure why manually installing these from the tarballs followed by emerging the 
packages worked, when simply emerging the same packages failed or simply 
manually installing failed, but it works...

Rick L. Vinyard, Jr.

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