[review] [PyKDE] gcc3.4 pykde kde 3.2.3

Joachim Werner joe at suse.de
Tue Jun 29 11:58:00 BST 2004


Jim Bublitz schrieb:

> a. Get PyKDE from KDE-CVS. It should be in kde-bindings in both the beta1 
> (you'd need to find the exact name) and HEAD branches, or

> b. I can send you a tarball that will build against KDE 3.3.0 assuming you 
> have KDE 3.3.0 built from CVS or the beta1 release (or a similar set of 
> files), since that would have all of the new 3.3.0 classes and methods.

> Simon has successfully built the CVS stuff against 3.3.0beta1, but I haven't 
> tested compiling or running my source yet, as I don't have 3.3.0 installed 
> (sip generates files successfully though).

> I'll probably release a 3.3.0beta1 compatible snapshaot in a few days - I'm 
> still vacillating about whether I should actually test it first, meaning I'd 
> either have to wait for RPMs or build it. Otherwise, it appears to be 
> complete.

At SUSE we already have imported the latest KDE beta tree into our
"STABLE" tree (the one used for the next SUSE LINUX release). The KDE
bindings (which include the PyKDE/PyQt stuff now) will follow soon. So
as long as Jim and/or Simon keep the KDE CVS up-to-date we will be able
to build PyKDE on a KDE 3.3 (beta) environment regularly.

So, Jim, the best policy for your releases seems to be that you (or
actually Simon) update the KDE CVS whenever you fix something, but wait
for the official standalone release until after we find the sources from
the KDE CVS to build fine. That way you can get free testing.

As for a SUSE LINUX 9.1 build of KDE 3.3 I don't think we will do one
before KDE 3.3 final ...

As expected, the current official PyKDE sources don't compile here
either. But I think it doesn't make too much sense to fix them as the
separate PyKDE package will be dropped and made obsolete by the new KDE
bindings package soon.



Joachim Werner

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