[PyKDE] Problem resolving widget's class

Fredrik Juhlin laz at strakt.com
Mon Nov 1 15:46:24 GMT 2004


We're having some difficult-to-reproduce problems with SIP/PyQt. At times, 
widgets don't have their right class, i.e. a widget we know to be a QLabel, 
QHeader etc. is instead just a QWidget, which of course breaks code that 
tries to access for instance QLabel methods.

From what we can tell though, it only happens to widgets that comes from "C++ 
land", so to speak. That is, widgets that are created by QWidgetFactory, the 
listbox you get when calling QComboBox.listBox(), the header from 
QListView.header() etc. This has made us draw the conclusion that there's 
most likely something wrong in SIP?

We've tried to come up with some kind of way to reproduce it in an orderly 
fashion, but it just can't be done. The only thing we've found so far is that 
it seems to be more prone to occur on Windows XP than on Linux, but it still 
occurs on both platforms.

We're using Python 2.3, SIP 4.1.1, PyQt 3.13 and Qt 3.3.3.

Any help would be appreciated!


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