[PyKDE] pyqt for python 2.2?

Eric Herrera herrera at 10east.com
Mon Aug 22 19:22:00 BST 2005

I found and extracted that version from a src rpm. It's building now and 
I suspect it will complete fine now.

I'm running Debian/commercial.

The version number helped. I just needed to get my hands on a version 
that would work with python 2.2. I was trying to find it in a tarball. I 
thought there would be an archive on the pyqt website or somewhere else. 
Maybe I just didn't look hard enough.

Anyway. Thanks!

Giovanni Bajo wrote:
> Eric Herrera <herrera at 10east.com> wrote:
>>Does anyone know if/where there is a tarball repository of historical
>>versions pyqt?
>>I need to build pyqt for python 2.2.
>>The sip download page states I need to use sip v3 for python 2.2 or
>>earlier, while the latest version of pyqt(3.14.1) complains that I need
>>a later version of sip.
> You need to use SIP v3 for python 2.2. Also, PyQt 3.13 is the latest version
> of PyQt which support SIP v3, so that's what you'll have to use. You didn't
> say which operating system you have, nor if you are a commercial user or
> not, so I can't help more than this. You'll have to google for a download
> link.

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