[PyKDE] PyQt4 Update

Phil Thompson phil at riverbankcomputing.co.uk
Thu Dec 1 22:34:41 GMT 2005

Tonight's PyQt4 snapshot has the QtGui module 99% complete. This means PyQt4 
is now officially useful, but note the following...

- untested on Windows
- untested against Qt v4.1
- untested against GCC v4

The Qt tutorials have been ported to Python as has the application.py example. 
A really useful thing for people to do now would be to port as many of the 
other Qt examples as possible and send them to me for inclusion. Please 
follow the coding style I've used.

Expect to see seg faults - it's unlikely(!) I've got all the ownership issues 
correct at the first attempt.

Always use the latest SIP snapshot. If you want to use PyQt4 and PyQt3 side by 
side then you will also need to use a PyQt3 snapshot. Otherwise you'll be 
better off installing another Python instance dedicated to PyQt4.

There are a couple of differences between PyQt3 and PyQt4 that will catch 
people out...

- Whenever a method name clashes with a Python keyword then I have simply 
appended "_" to the name. For example exec() became exec_loop() in PyQt3 but 
becomes exec_() in PyQt4.

- emit() used to take 2 arguments - a signal name and a tuple of arguments 
passed to the slot. In PyQt4 it takes a variable number of arguments, the 
first being the signal name and any remaining arguments are passed to the 

Have fun.


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