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Torsten Marek shlomme at gmx.net
Fri Dec 2 14:08:04 GMT 2005

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Phil Thompson schrieb:
> Tonight's PyQt4 snapshot has the QtGui module 99% complete. This means PyQt4 
> is now officially useful, but note the following...
> - untested on Windows
> - untested against Qt v4.1
> - untested against GCC v4
> The Qt tutorials have been ported to Python as has the application.py example. 
> A really useful thing for people to do now would be to port as many of the 
> other Qt examples as possible and send them to me for inclusion. Please 
> follow the coding style I've used.
> Expect to see seg faults - it's unlikely(!) I've got all the ownership issues 
> correct at the first attempt.
> Always use the latest SIP snapshot. If you want to use PyQt4 and PyQt3 side by 
> side then you will also need to use a PyQt3 snapshot. Otherwise you'll be 
> better off installing another Python instance dedicated to PyQt4.
> There are a couple of differences between PyQt3 and PyQt4 that will catch 
> people out...
> - Whenever a method name clashes with a Python keyword then I have simply 
> appended "_" to the name. For example exec() became exec_loop() in PyQt3 but 
> becomes exec_() in PyQt4.
> - emit() used to take 2 arguments - a signal name and a tuple of arguments 
> passed to the slot. In PyQt4 it takes a variable number of arguments, the 
> first being the signal name and any remaining arguments are passed to the 
> slot.

Experimental Debian packages of the latest snapshots will be will available at





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