[PyKDE] Eric3 File Open problem under Windows

HOWARD GOLDEN Howard_Golden-NR at raytheon.com
Fri Dec 2 01:30:37 GMT 2005


I'm having the following problem trying to open a Python file from Eric3's 
File Open... menu:

I select the file name from the dialog box. Then I get a message that the 
file can't be opened. However the file name that the message refers to is 
the file name with an extra directory level added in, e.g., I try to open 
C:\x\test.py and the error message says that C:\x\test.py\test.py can't be 
opened. So it appears that the file name from the dialog is being added to 
the full file name, not just the directory name.

Note: The Open Recent Files and Open Bookmarked Files features work 

I am running the binary Eric 3.8.0 on Windows XP, using the free Qt 
version. The other version numbers are: ActiveState Python 2.4.1, Qt 
3.3.4, PyQt 3.13, sip 4.1.1, QScintilla 1.5.1.

Suggestions for troubleshooting are welcome. Thanks!


Howard B. Golden

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