[PyKDE] sipdistutils: setup include paths

Giovanni Bajo rasky at develer.com
Thu Dec 15 18:00:11 GMT 2005


while using sipdistutils as part of a larger building system, I realized
that there is a bug in the current version: the include path for the
compiler are not setup properly, so it either won't find "sip.h" while
compiling, or use whichever version is installed in the standard Python
path, which might or might not be the one matching sipconfig.

This patch fixes the problem. May you apply it for the next snapshot?
Giovanni Bajo
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diff -c -p -F^def -r1.1 sipdistutils.py
*** sip-snapshot-20051130/sipdistutils.py	14 Dec 2005 18:44:02 -0000	1.1
--- sip-snapshot-20051130/sipdistutils.py	15 Dec 2005 17:58:46 -0000
*************** class build_ext (distutils.command.build
*** 35,44 ****
--- 35,56 ----
          import sipconfig
          cfg = sipconfig.Configuration()
          return cfg.sip_bin
+     def _sip_inc_dir(self):
+         import sipconfig
+         cfg = sipconfig.Configuration()
+         return cfg.sip_inc_dir
      def swig_sources (self, sources, extension=None):
          if not self.extensions:
+         # Add the SIP include directory to the include path
+         if extension is not None:
+             extension.include_dirs.append(self._sip_inc_dir())
+         else:
+             # pre-2.4 compatibility
+             self.include_dirs.append(self._sip_inc_dir())
          # Create the temporary directory if it does not exist already
          if not os.path.isdir(self.build_temp):

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